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by lamardeuse


Fans often have a “wish list” of plot and character developments they would like to see on their favourite television shows. For many fans of the BBC's Merlin (2007), their fondest wish is for Prince Arthur to discover the secret of Merlin's magic, so much so that “Arthur finds out” stories are a subgenre of Merlin fan fiction. The fact that the show is entering its fourth series with a still-unaware Arthur – who is always conveniently absent or unconscious whenever Merlin has to use his magical powers to save the day – is a source of frustration for these fans.

In this piece, my first attempt at a constructed reality vid, I was trying to posit a world where Arthur first meets Merlin not in Camelot, in territory hostile to magic, but in a place where Merlin is free to reveal the full extent of his powers. This sets their relationship on a very different path from the one in canon. Using footage of Merlin practising magic alone or in front of others mixed with Arthur's reaction shots from unrelated scenes, I attempted to show a progression in Arthur's attitude toward magic, from fear to acceptance and even joy. From a technical standpoint, I gained an even greater respect for vidders who create successful constructed reality vids, as simply matching the lighting or eyeline in scenes to create a clear narrative is quite challenging.

Thanks to Sihaya Black and expectprism for beta and encouragement.




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A constructed reality vid for BBC's Merlin.

from Merlin BBC (2010)
Creator: lamardeuse
Posted by lamardeuse