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J'ai l'rock 'n' roll pis toé

by lamardeuse

Bon Cop, Bad Cop is a Canadian film produced in Québec that attempted to appeal to both sides of the French/English language divide by presenting a buddy cop duo with a difference - one would be an Anglophone tête carré (literally, "square head") who played by the book and the other a bend-the-rules Francophone. The film's lines were divided nearly equally between English and French, with appropriate subtitles for the other language depending on the market. This odd couple comedy/actioner was extremely successful in Québec, but only mildly so in English-speaking Canada.

I chose Offenbach's "J'ai l'rock 'n' roll pis toé" as the audio for the vid, mainly because the song and Gerry Boulet's vocals fit the gritty feel and driving tempo of the film. However, the issue of language in Québec is a vital one, and efforts by Québecois governments and artists to preserve their unique language and culture have been met by resistance and even derision by English Canadians. As someone who is half English Quebecker and half French Québecoise, it was additionally important to me to choose a song sung in Joual, and Offenbach was one of the first groups to do so in the Seventies. 

On a technical note, this is the first vid where I attempted a couple of techniques I'd seen in other vids, such as jump cuts. While it's focused on the relationship between the two lead characters, I wasn't attempting to necessarily overemphasize the homoeroticism of the original film, but to highlight the relationship along with the action and the comedy elements in what I hope is a faithful homage.

Thanks to Crys, Kass and Sihaya Black for beta and encouragement.

J'ai l'rock 'n' roll pis toé

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A vid that attempts to promote a Québecois film to a new audience.

from Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2009)
Creator: lamardeuse
Posted by lamardeuse