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Not Responsible

by lamardeuse

The BBC's 2010 incarnation of Sherlock Holmes is unusual in that it brings the well-known characters and stories forward into the present day, dispensing with the deerstalker and the gaslight. Two key aspects that remain the same, however, are the intensity and appeal of the Holmes/Watson relationship and the importance of London as a character in its own right.

This version's John Watson, like Conan Doyle's original, is an ex-military doctor, a veteran of Afghanistan. The first series, from which clips in this vid are taken, deals with their first meeting and their growing relationship, and from the beginning it's clear that John is both fascinated and exasperated by his new friend. Sherlock offers an escape from the ennui of John's life after returning home, the return to an existence fraught with the danger and excitement John craves, and he seizes the opportunity with both hands.

The Tom Jones song worked perfectly from the point of view of John's relationship to Sherlock - someone who is helpless in the face of heady infatuation and everything Sherlock can offer him, including the frustration at being expected to be at Sherlock's beck and call. It also evokes the London of the Swinging Sixties, a period in which the city was as much a character as a setting.

This vid was included in the vid show at Escapade, a slash convention held in southern California, February, 2011.

Thanks to nny and hermette for beta and encouragement.

Not Responsible

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A vid looking at the Sherlock Holmes/John Watson relationship from John's point of view.

from Sherlock (BBC, 2010) (2010)
Creator: lamardeuse
Posted by lamardeuse