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Something Good

by lamardeuse

For media fans,  intense enthusiasm for a source often demands they produce a creative response nearly from the moment they first encounter it. I felt that way about the latest incarnation of Hawaii Five-O, a show that plays up the "bromance" aspect of the primary buddy cop relationship between Steve McGarrett and Danny "Danno" Williams. Within three episodes, I was determined to vid the show, an interesting challenge considering the relatively small amount of source to work with at that point.

From a narrative standpoint, the vid is a takeoff on the traditional romantic comedy trope of the "cute meet", where the boy and girl in the film or television show are first introduced to one another. In the case of Danny and Steve, the macho posturing of their first interactions is juxtaposed against the bubble-gum pop of Herman's Hermits both to create a humourous contrast and to comment on the equally clichéd tropes of male-male interaction in films and television. From a character standpoint, the vid is told from Steve's point of view, and alongside the irony and humour, there's clearly also a growing respect and affection for Danny. Steve's own father was a successful policeman but a largely unsuccessful father, and Danny's ability to balance both responsibilities seems to appeal to Steve from the beginning.

Thanks to miasnape for beta and encouragement.


Something Good

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The "cute meet," m/m style.

from Hawaii Five-O (2010) (2010)
Creator: lamardeuse
Posted by lamardeuse