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Something's Gotta Give

by lamardeuse

The 2010 reboot of popular US TV show Hawaii Five-O has been an unqualified success for its parent network, CBS. One of the prime ingredients of that success has been the relationship between Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan), which is acknowledged to be one of the most “bromantic” on American network television. It is also tacitly acknowledged that this relationship, like other such pairings on US television, will never cross the line in the sand into overt romance.

However, slash fans are fond of projecting what would happen if such relationships were to cross that line, and vidders search for the perfect song to encapsulate the full breadth of what they mean to one another, both in the “canon” of the filmed episodes and the “fanon” of fan-created works. “Something's Gotta Give” seemed a perfect bridge between these two worlds: the canonical relationship of the characters ranges from genuine conflict over the nature of policing to pseudo-married bickering to genuine caring and concern, and the song shows just how easy it would be to interpret that relationship as a romantic one. 

This vid was included in the vid show at Escapade, a slash convention held in southern California, February, 2011.

Thanks so much to Sihaya, caersmane, tex, and chibirhm for assistance, beta and cheerleading.

Something's Gotta Give

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Danny Williams and Frank Sinatra: two New Jersey natives who go well together.

from Hawaii Five-O (2010) (2011)
Creator: lamardeuse
Posted by lamardeuse